3 Reasons To Get Your Damaged Windshield Replaced

Replacing a damaged windshield should be one of your top priorities. You might not think that it really matters, especially if it's just a small chip or ding, but it is more important than you realize. There are a lot of reasons why you should get your windshield replaced as soon as possible after it sustains any damage. 

Structural Integrity

One of the biggest reasons to get your windshield replaced as quickly as possible is that your windshield is a structural part of your car, and any damage done to it will cause the integrity of your car to be impaired. The windshield ties everything together and helps to strengthen your car's frame and keep it from twisting or falling out of shape. 


Your windshield is also an integral part of your car's safety systems. On top of strengthening the car and tying it all together, the windshield is designed to help keep you in the car if you are in an accident. Part of the way that it does this is that the window is made out of laminated glass. Laminated glass takes two or more pieces of glass and adheres it together. The glass is safety glass, which has already been toughened so that it is harder to break. Sticking more glass to the first pane makes the whole thing much stronger than any one piece would be on its own. That can make it strong enough to help keep things from flying out of the car in an accident. The adhesive in between the layers of glass will also make it so that if one of the layers does happen to break, it won't shatter into the car, hurting you or anyone else in the vehicle.


Another reason to get your windshield replaced as soon as you can is that any damage can impair your visibility, which can make it unsafe to drive. This is especially true when it comes to moisture getting into the damaged sections. Any moisture getting into the crack or ding can cause clouding in your windshield. This is something you generally are not able to clear out as it is in between the panes of glass. 

If you have some damage to your windshield, talk to your insurer about getting it replaced and find a repair shop that will be able to work with your insurance to pay for the replacement. Contact a windshield replacement service for more information.