Steps To Take After A Mobile Windshield Replacement

It can be incredibly frustrating to be driving down the road and have a large rock crack your automobile's windshield. While needing to have your windshield replaced can be annoying, there are now many mobile windshield repair services that make the process as easy as possible. When you use a mobile windshield repair service, you can have your windshield replaced at home or at your office, at any time that it is convenient for you. However, there are still things that you need to do after having your car's windshield replaced to ensure that there are no issues. Take the following steps after a mobile windshield replacement:

Don't Drive Your Vehicle Right Away

You are sure to be excited to see your brand new windshield that doesn't have any cracks or chips, but it is important to avoid driving your vehicle immediately after a windshield replacement. It is in your best interest to wait a few hours before you hit the road. When a windshield is replaced, a specialized type of adhesive is used to make sure that the glass is securely attached to the vehicle. Waiting a few hours before driving your vehicle will ensure that the adhesive has had enough time to dry and set, so you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your new windshield will remain in place.

Leave the Tape in Place

After you have a mobile windshield replacement, one of the first things you will probably notice is the tape on your vehicle. While the adhesive used to secure a car's windshield often dries and sets in a few hours, the tape plays an important role in keeping the new windshield from shifting. It is highly recommended that the tape remains in place for a couple of days. If you remove the tape prematurely, you can risk problems, especially if you hit a pothole or a bump in the road.

Avoid Washing Your Car

Most people enjoy having a clean and shiny car, but it is essential to avoid a car wash after a mobile windshield replacement. It doesn't matter if you were planning on taking your vehicle to a car wash or washing the car yourself—soap and water are not a good mix with a brand new windshield that has just been installed. Even if your vehicle is quite dirty, make sure that you wait several days after a windshield replacement before your car is washed. 

For more information, contact a business that provides windshield replacement.